About Alpha Guns


Alpha Guns is a classic shooting game that is extremely dramatic. You will become a great gunman, and your mission is to destroy all those who hamper you.
Alpha Guns has both traditional gameplay and unique dynamics. Use your weapons to fight your way through a horde of foes by being a fighter! Become a talented gunman, go destroy the bad guys, the monsters, the planes full of bullets to complete his noble mission. You will embark on an exciting adventure where you can demonstrate your skillful shooting and dodging skills. Become a brave hero who is not afraid of hardships to overcome all difficult challenges and reach new levels. When you have to battle powerful monsters and their opponent teams, put your combat talents to the test! The game with vivid sound, and extremely attractive 3D graphics will take you into a virtual world that only you can conquer. Play RIGHT NOW to have a great experience!

Features of Alpha Guns:

  • Arcade-style gameplay.
  • Five available characters for selection.
  • 30 different levels.
  • Many bosses and tanks to battle.
  • A smooth control system.
  • Fantastic visuals, sound, and music.

How to play

Target, plan, and advance in the game. To fire, leap, and upgrade your arms on this daring course, just follow the on-screen symbols! For further information, see the Help section.

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