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Arcade Miner: Gold, Diamond and Digger

About Arcade Miner: Gold, Diamond and Digger


Arcade Miner: Gold, Diamond and Digger is an exciting puzzle arcade game in which you need to collect enough money to overcome a level by digging treasures.

Welcome to this exciting gold digger game! In this game, you will have to control a digging reel to be able to dig for hidden treasures underground. There are gold, diamonds and secret gift bags. Those are the items that you should prioritize collecting because they are the most valuable. The larger the item, the higher the selling price. However, large items will take longer to mine. Besides, you will see low-cost items like stones and bones. Stay away from them and even explosive barrels. In secret gift bags, you can get dynamite to blow up unwanted items. The digging rod will automatically move. You just need to click to start the sentence. Align the angle exactly to be able to catch as many treasures as possible in a limited time.

There are many different levels in this entertaining game. You need to collect enough coins in the allotted time to pass a level. Let's show your ability!

This game is suitable for all ages for entertainment and relaxation. You can enjoy the addictive gameplay, easy controls and eye-catching graphics.

Features of Arcade Miner: Gold, Diamond and Digger

  • Addictive gameplay and easy controls
  • Collect as many treasures as possible
  • Various levels with eye-catching graphics

How to play

  • Mouse click.

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