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Backrooms Game

About Backrooms Game


Backrooms Game is a thrilling and suspenseful game for those who love adventure. Find a way to escape quickly before the monsters catch you.

A popular creepypasta on the Internet called The Backrooms served as the basis for this horror simulation game. You will get lost in a closed office building with rooms designed like a maze. Your mission is to find a way out of here before being killed by terrifying creatures. The characteristic of this place is the smell of damp carpets, monochromatic yellow-toned walls, and haunting fluorescent lights, nothing but the stench. The identically designed rooms are located on a large plot of land and are randomly arranged. You will have to find a way out of here and avoid facing the terrible dangers that randomly lurk in the rooms.

Main features of Backrooms Game

  • The levels in the game are randomly generated in an infinite space.
  • The space has depth, bringing a feeling of stuffiness and discomfort.
  • It's possible to experience hallucinations in which strange monsters are attempting to capture you from behind.

Tips: Remember to check your watch every 30 seconds and keep venturing deep inside but don't lose control.

How to play

Control through the character's point of view with the arrow buttons on the keyboard. Pay attention to unnecessary noises and plan your way. There are also instructions on the way with symbols, follow and it will help you out but can also trick you into the monster. Click on everything you see along the way, it will be useful support tool for you.

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