About Basket Random


Basket Random is a very interesting game that sports enthusiasts cannot miss. In dramatic matches with aggressive opponents, overcome and become the winner.

Either one person or two persons fighting against one another may play this game of basketball. Two stickmen athletes stand in for each player. The pitcher is in position one, while the defense is in position two. Controlling your basketball players, though, could be a little challenging. They have long arms and are unsteady on their feet, although they can jump rather high. Basketball players collide with one another as they sprint to dunk or grab the ball in a comical display of pandemonium. The setting, the participants, and the costumes will vary from one round to the next. Basketball games that are regularly random and a lot of fun may be played on Basket Random. The basketball player in the center is known as the dunker. He is in charge of ball control and shooting. You must instruct the dunker to cross the court and steal the ball from them during the game. Control the dunker so that he can leap into the air and throw the ball into the basket to score. To gain a high score, try to do spectacular slam dunks. The defense is situated behind the dunker. He must prevent the other team from scoring. To limit your opponent's scoring chances, instruct the defense to leap or lie down whenever he attempts to throw the ball into the basket.

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How to play

Use the AWSD keys to control player one and the arrow keys to control player two.

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