About BMX Kid


BMX Kid is an exciting game for everyone to relax in our leisure time. It's one of the greatest bike racing games out there, with cool stunts, and crazy tricks!
The game has many levels as well as different challenges that require you to be fast and skillful. Your task is to help the character ride the bike on his way, and collect stars, gold coins, and medals along the way. At the same time, you have to control your character to avoid obstacles such as trees, cars, sleeping dogs on the road, etc. For each level, you will have 3 turns. Try to collect enough gold medals for each level. If you hit the obstacles or fall into the water, you will have to replay the level. You may also use stars to purchase extra lives and checkpoints. This game will put your talents to the test on impossible pathways, allowing you to channel your inner stuntman rider. You can perform insane acrobatics and tricks including wheelies, flips, and grinds. Try to help your character cycle through all the challenges to move on to new levels!


  • You don't have to avoid or jump over the birds that appear on the road because they will fly up to make way for you.
  • When approaching the obstacles, control your character to jump to avoid them, do not jump too far or too close compared to the obstacles.

Features of BMX Kid:

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Easy to play and understand
  • Interesting, funny sound
  • Stunning 3D graphics

How to play

  • Press the forward button to increase the speed of the bicycle
  • Press the up button to jump when facing an obstacle while riding
  • Double-tap the jump key to perform stunts

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