About Burst Em All


Burst Em All is a kind of game that gives us a feeling of extreme comfort and enjoyment. Your task is to control the arrow to burst the moving balls above.
In this game, you can see various balls of different colors and sizes move in a circle. You just need to click to shoot them. It is very simple so we can conquer many levels with different challenges. When we shoot the balls in a line, we will receive a multiplier score. At each level, we have 30 seconds to play. The countdown time appears in the top left corner of the screen. The level we are playing will appear in the right corner. And the number of arrows will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. Try to pass each level with the allowed number of arrows. If you shoot all the available arrows and still do not destroy all the balls, you will have to play that level again. Try to hit the ball, if you miss, you will lose 1 arrow. This game is very easy to understand, but it requires high accuracy. Therefore, you must be very skillful in each shot so as not to waste arrows!


  • Try to shoot into balls in a line.
  • Pay attention to the time and the number of arrows.

Features of Burst Em All:

  • Simple gameplay
  • Funny sounds
  • Attractive graphics
  • Suitable for all ages

How to play

  • On the computer: Use the mouse to shoot
  • On the phone: Tap on the screen to shoot

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