About Clash Of Heroes


Clash Of Heroes is a fierce fighting game that you should try. Choose powerful soldiers, invade and expand the territory right away.

The game incorporates aspects from Heroes of Might and Magic, a strategy, puzzle, and role-playing genre, and enables players required to participate in mandatory missions Five of the eight playable factions that make up the army in Heroes of Might and Magic V are The Haven, Inferno, Sylvan, Academy, and Necropolis. In the game's numerous exploration and battle stages, the heroes serve as the player's avatars and are different members of each side who gain experience and new skills as they play. When two troops are engaged in combat, the friendly soldier appears on the bottom screen while the enemy is displayed on the top. By moving certain soldiers throughout the battlefield each turn, players try to vertically stack soldiers of the same hue. Once the required amount of soldiers of the same color is lined up neatly, they begin preparing for an attack that will happen after a certain number of rounds. Calculate quickly, and make the right decisions to invade and expand the territory.

How to play

Click and use the keys to move your army.

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