About Color Galaxy


Color Galaxy is a fun and dramatic game about colors. Create plots with your own color. You also have competitors, eliminate them and win to the end.

By driving around and back, you can create your own color palette. That is your land, protect it and not let other opponents loot the land to destroy it.

When a player is outside their territory with a circle that is not fully connected, you can pierce their line to take down your opponent, then land wide, taking their land further to expand their territory.

Note that when you do that, the opponent will also do the same as you, if you are not careful, you will die. Keep an eye on your opponents, and as they get closer, quickly create a closed circle to protect their own ground. Then, if it's close, we'll consider a counterattack.

A simple entertainment game but equally interesting and competitive to help you unleash your creativity.

How to play

You only need to use your hand to trace the necessary line to create the land. You may draw while playing computer games by utilizing the arrow keys, A/D, and mouse movements. If you increase your territory, eliminate all of your opponents, and survive the longest, you will win.

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