About Cookie Clicker City


Cookie Clicker City is a particularly fun cake city-building game you will fall in love with. Let's start making cakes, and building your own city.

Do you want to create your own city? A city overflowing with candies, and you'll be in charge. Cookie Clicker City will bring you such gentle entertainment moments. You will be the master of the city from the beginning when there was no one and you have to make it grow.
When playing, you will see a big cake, you will have to click on that cake, to accumulate each small cake. That's the currency in the game, in your own city. In the game, there is a market shop, which is the place you use to exchange cakes for people, buy houses, etc, and even tools to help you make cakes faster.

Use cakes to buy and sell and exchange, first, you will need to buy people for the city, they will work with you to create cakes to develop the city. From the wasteland, it will develop into the most advanced areas. To develop your city, you have up to 18 buildings to help you improve production efficiency. There are nearly 600 upgrades waiting for you to unlock and 700 achievements for you to conquer. Each period of development is created by you, each period you can discover different interesting things in your city.

This is your city, join hands to develop and admire the fruits of your labor and the residents created. You will definitely feel very happy.

How to play

When entering the game, you will see a big cake on the screen, click on it, and you will receive a cake. With every click, you will get a cake. Go to the shop to buy more tools and more items to make your city grow faster.

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