About Cratemage


Cratemage is an interesting game that helps you relax in your spare time. In this familiar game, you can show your ingenuity and conquer the difficult levels.
The game has a total of 20 levels. Our task is to help the character find the way to the finish line. In this game, there will be fixed walls and wooden blocks in our way. We will link the wooden blocks together by left-clicking and then pushing them to another place to create a path. When we reach the cell with the stairs, we can exit the dark tunnel and move on to a new level. At each level, the walls and wooden blocks will be arranged in different ways. That requires players to be very ingenious and creative to find a way for their character. The gameplay is quite simple but this game is not easy. Players must be very quick-witted and skillful to pass each level. If you move the block blocking the exit, you will have to replay that level. Let's play NOW and have a great experience!


Don't let the wooden blocks block your way out

Features of Cratemage :

  • Simple gameplay
  • Interesting sounds
  • Suitable for everyone

How to play

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Click the left mouse button over a crate to link an orb.
  • Click the right mouse button over a crate to unlink an orb.
  • Use the spacebar to recall all orbs.
  • Use M to mute the music.
  • Use R to restart the level.

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