About Dig Ball


Dig Ball is a super fun digging game. You dig the ground and find the way for the ball to fall on the flag but must avoid the obstacles on the way.

In Dig Ball, your task is to make the ball fall to the destination with the flag. And in order for the ball to reach that finish line, you have to dig the ground and find a way for the ball to go down. Digging the ground is easy, but avoiding obstacles is difficult. On the way, there will be many obstacles blocking the way, making it impossible for the ball to land on the flag. This is when you use your observations and calculations to find the path for the ball.

You see the path seems simple, but surprisingly there will be many more. Along the way, sometimes when you dig, you will encounter unexpected obstacles. Those obstacles will cause you to lose. Each level will have different difficulties, and it gets harder and harder. What you need to do and calculate will increase day by day. And yet, you also have to collect more gold diamonds on the way to increase your rank as well as being gifted and exchanged for items.

Tips: Should dig the soil in straight lines to make the ball easier to enter the hole, but also look carefully at the obstacles, and calculate the path carefully before digging.

How to play

On the mobile phone: You just need to click the start button on the screen and use your hand to move to dig the ground and make the ball move in the direction you want. When you play on the computer too, you just need to click the mouse to dig the soil. Dig the ground, run the ball, eat diamonds, avoid obstacles and reach the finish line.

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