About Dig It


Dig It is a fun digging game to find your way to the finish line. Make your way to the finish line, eat golden diamonds and avoid the spikes. 

In Dig It, you will have the task of digging the ground, drawing a path for the ball to run, and falling into the correct hole with the flag. That is the destination and getting to the destination is not easy. There will be sharp white spikes on the way, you can hit the ball at any time, and you will lose.

On the ball's path to the finish line, there are many roadblocks, it will deflect the ball's movement and the ball is easily fall into sharp obstacles. But don't worry, you're the one digging the ground to let the ball go. So before digging the ground, you must observe and calculate carefully to help the ball hit the target. And there's also a special thing, the golden diamonds on the way to help you exchange for items, score and rank up for you.

You need to dig the ground and help the ball into the destination, a small flag hole. On the way there will be countless obstacles blocking the way, try to get as many golden diamonds, the easier it will be to increase your rank and be the winner.

Tips: Pay attention to the path from the ball to the finish line in advance to find the shortest path and avoid sharp nails. You must observe before digging to not lose.

How to play

On mobile phones: you use your hands, move as you like, and you can dig up the ground for the ball to go. On the computer: use the mouse pointer to move and left-click to dig the ground so that the ball reaches its destination.

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