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Dig It : Trending Hyper Casual Game

About Dig It : Trending Hyper Casual Game


Dig It: Trending Hyper Casual Game is a fun digging game. At the finish line, we will plant beautiful little stork leaves, let's dig away there.

In the fun-filled game Dig It: Trending Hyper Casual Game, you will have the task of digging the ground. Exactly find the way for the ball down the target hole. The point to go is a deep hole in the ground, with a beautiful small flag waiting for you to find the way for the ball to arrive.

This is a very light entertainment game that also trains the ability to observe and think. On the way to dig for the ball, you will encounter countless obstacles, you will encounter underground obstacles, and it will deflect the direction of the ball. The foreign objects will suddenly happen at any time you least expect them.

And of course, underground there are also countless items, gold, diamonds, and treasures waiting for you to discover. You should collect them as much as possible by digging a path for the ball to run through the treasures that you can already get. Earn as much as possible, and the score and rank will increase.

Tips: You should take a close look at the general path from the ball to the destination, and what obstacles will be encountered to calculate the appropriate path before digging. You can also take advantage of obstacles as momentum to get to the destination hole and get items.

How to play

If you play on your phone, you just need to press the start button and use your finger to draw on the screen to dig the ball down the road as you like. If you play on the computer, just hold down the left mouse button and you can dig the ground. Dig the ground for the ball to fall into the hole, unlock each level and you will be the winner.


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