About Dig This Water


Dig This Water is a reasoning game. it needs your logic. Let's dig soil, run water and put out the fire.  The tree come to life and not burn out. Let's start.

What to do when you see a tree on fire? It's still burning in the ground. You find the source of water and you have an ax. So let's just dig.

There are trees that have been burned for a long time, you have to dig the ground really fast to put out that fire. You have to think about where to dig, and which direction to dig so that the fire is extinguished as quickly as possible. Digging the ground, it's not simple, you may encounter hard rock layers, and obstacles blocking the water's way down. Through each level, the trees will be far away from each other and you only have a limited time to put out the fire.

But especially when the trees are close to each other, you have to be even more careful. when the fire could not be extinguished, the fire from one tree spread to the next tree. You won't have enough water to stamp it all out. When you put out the fire and still have plenty of water and time left, you get more points.  

Tips: before digging, you must calculate the path to dig first, make the shortest path, excess water and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. Look carefully before digging or you will lose.


  • It's beautiful, the pictures and sounds are cute and lively.
  • Helping relieve all stress.
  • Practice observation and thinking ability.

How to play

You use the left mouse button to click, control the direction of the ax and dig the ground. Move up and down, left to right as you like. Dig so that its source of water falls on the burning tree. When the fire is extinguished, the trees are green again. You win.

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