About Digger Ball 2


Digger Ball 2 is a fun online game in which you must carefully dig the earth to let the ball fall into a well of the same color. Let's give it a shot RIGHT NOW!
There are numerous levels in this game. Each level has its unique set of difficulties. The game becomes tougher as you level up. As you progress through the levels, the number of balls will increase and the number of obstacles will increase.
In the beginning, the screen will display a ball of a specified color laying on the earth's surface. At a certain depth beneath the surface, a specific well will be seen. You must help the ball fall into the well by digging a tunnel underground to create a way for the ball to roll. When a ball falls into the well with the same color, you will receive a certain number of points and at that time, you will see the super lovely effect of the blooming small stars. Play now to reach the top level!


  • The ball of any color must fall into that color's well.
  • Avoid the obstacles falling into the well before the ball.

Features of Digger Ball 2:

  • Amusing sounds
  • Stand out graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Children's friendly

How to play

  • On the computer: To make a path, click, hold, and drag the mouse, then release the mouse to let the ball fall.
  • On the phone: To build a path, swipe your finger across the screen, then let go to let the ball fall.

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