About Drift 3


Drift 3 is a fierce and dramatic racing game. With eight opponents, push them out, be the only one and win the track.

If you appreciate driving and fast driving, Drift 3 will be an excellent way to spend your time. In addition to racing on hard circuits, the game will allow you to compete against seven other cars, resulting in seven formidable adversaries. Because of the new features, you can anticipate the most dramatic and realistic drift racing experience yet.

Use this fascinating new feature when you're too tired to get to the track and compete alone. In Drift 3, you may compete against seven other individuals in a long-drawn-out contest involving eight participants. In this race, you will also master your racing car and drive your opponents into the ground. You win if you are the last person standing on the course.

Do you believe it will be simple? But that is not how the truth operates. If you approach someone and force them down a large hole, they will treat you the same way. If you do not listen, you will be pushed into the abyss as well. There are a number of opponents prepared to shove you aside along the way, so you should take the initiative. And the sharp edges are the problems you must face in order to survive. Even if no one pushes you, if you do not keep control of the racing car, you will crash and be forced to stop the race.

Another notable feature is that before starting a race, you will be able to choose vehicles with names, colours, styles, and features that correlate to each player's preferences and personality. You may choose between little small racing vehicles and pricey racing autos.

Tips: Before you begin the game, select the appropriate vehicle. You are the one who takes the initiative in this eight-player race to push your opponent's car before it grows too large and drives you over the abyss. To prevent falling, change direction quickly and run far away while approaching a risky turn.

How to play

You must first choose a car model before you can enter the racetrack; click to pick the vehicle you desire. Next, hold down the left mouse button to control the vehicle and turn it from left to right. When you first start playing Drift 3, you will be given tips to assist you control the car. You may skip it if you want. Defeat each opponent, unlock each level, and be ready for difficult races.


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