About Drift F1


Drift F1 is a challenging F1 racing game. Avoid dangerous corners, master the race, be the top name in the rankings and win.

In Drift F1 you play as professional racers. Control your racing cars to avoid obstacles on the road and dangers in hidden corners that you cannot see. You have to be skilled, an excellent silk driver to control the direction of the car quickly at the bends. If you can't control them, the car will go straight and fall into the abyss and of course, you will lose.

Like many other games, you will have to play so that the car reaches the destination, overcomes many obstacles, and passes the level. Through each level, you will experience different races again, the difficulty increases and many times will make you go through heart-stopping phases. On the track, the car runs very fast, you can't stop, the only way to win is to react quickly to control so that the racing car can both eat gold and eat as many diamonds as possible.

Through each level, although the difficulty increases, but you get more and more valuable gifts, and items to increase the rank of your racing car. You will open each level, and collect coins to upgrade your beloved racing car to help you pass the races more easily.

Tips: Try the first few games, you will get used to the gameplay right away and practice regularly to increase your silver in the rankings. Must have quick reflexes to make the car not fall into the cliff.

How to play

The gameplay is very simple, you just need to click for the first time and the racing car can run. Next, use the left mouse button to hold the mouse left and right at will and you will control the car left to right to turn to avoid falling down the cliff. Or you can use the left to right arrow buttons and space to move more easily.


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