About Electron Dash


Electron Dash is an experiential running game in a vast vast universe, you must overcome all difficult obstacles to succeed in the fastest finish.

When you play this game, you assume the role of an astronaut and journey through the dangerous cosmos. The goal of the game is to control this astronaut figure while avoiding obstacles and accumulating the highest score possible. If you fall into the black space of the universe, the game is over. On this fascinating journey, you might see lovely blue tunnels. Besides, you can see the night sky. It looks like the lovely stars are helping you along, they cheer and light the way for you. You must avoid the red barriers to finish the task because they are all over the place and nobody knows where they came from. If you accidentally run into one of these barriers, you will lose. There are also a few very dangerous, bright blue platforms. Don't be misled by their look, as soon as you touch them, they collapse. If there are too many hazards to dodge in time, you can steer your character down a tunnel to avoid hitting anything or falling into space. As a result, you must pay close attention and carefully assess the next line of action. You'll need to collect more items along the route, notably red hearts, which will allow you to be resurrected if you die. Consider your options carefully as the barriers get increasingly challenging with each level.

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How to play

Move the character and navigate the astronaut avoiding obstacles with the arrow keys or AWSD.

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