About Escape Out


Escape Out is a thrilling prison escape game. Dig the ground and escape from prison to save yourself and your teammates. Dig the right way to escape.

In this game, you will transform into a prisoner and escape from prison. Sounds very appealing, doesn't it? Exactly, you will have to escape from prison right under the eyes of those patrolling police. and dig the ground to escape is your mission. Your main task is to dig to escape from prison. You will have to dig the ground right under the police station and dig so that the police cannot see. you have to dig the right way or you still won't make it outside.

Along the way, you can also meet fellow escapees like you. Help them, dig the ground and go with them. you just need to dig the dirt along the dividing line, go outside, see the light and meet your friends waiting for the car outside, climb into the car, escape out and you win. But every game will have its difficulty. On the way to escape, you will have to watch the police or you will be caught, avoid the mines in the ground and countless other obstacles. You not only escape the prison alone but also have to help more friends on the way. Then you will get more points. and finally, try to dig the part with gold coins, you will be rich after escaping from prison.

Tips: you should use the mouse quickly to escape without being caught. Observe closely to choose the shortest route to escape.

How to play

Use the mouse, click to dig the ground, and move left to right. Note that there is a detour to guide you and you have to dig along it to get out or you will get lost and be caught by the police. Just dig the road, climb into the car, and escape.

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