About Fall Beans


Fall Beans is a super entertaining game about overcoming challenges. You will be with formidable opponents to overcome all obstacles to see who finishes first.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a well-known online game that is free to play, served as the model for Fall Beans. There are two game options you may choose from: a competitive race against many other players, or a private race versus your friends (you need a password to access the game room). You'll be frantically racing against many other players who are similarly strong and aggressive in a game featuring a battle royale-style finish line. Choose the fastest route to success by carefully weighing your options and avoiding pitfalls! Some racetracks have perilous elements like sloping ground and unstable terrain. Players can see their emotions by dancing or using emoticons. You gain experience points as you compete in more races and, ideally, as you win more races. One can level up by gaining XP. Fall Beans rewards you with gifts as you advance through the stages. These rewards could take the form of money, attire, or dancing prowess. You can view it by selecting it from the menu screen's stars. Go shopping with the money and stars you earn to improve your appearance and impress your friend.

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How to play

AWSD keys and mouse clicks will help you navigate the character and overcome all obstacles.

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