About Go To Dot


Go To Dot is a kind of simple game that is suitable for someone who likes simplicity. It's a good choice for us to practice patience and skill in our free time.
In this game, you need to control the white ball to overcome 3 outer circles with moving red bombs and the goal is to get to the center to get points. This game seems to be simple, but it requires concentration, perseverance, and ingenuity. Try to stay away from the red bombs around the circles. If you are unlucky to hit the red bomb, your ball will burst and you have to play again. As you progress, you will get jewels along the way. Take a chance! Earn points by jumping at the proper time and location. As you acquire enough jewels, you may personalize your ball. The number of consecutive times you reach the center of the circles will be displayed on the screen. Try to make the highest record possible. Your goal is to reach the maze's center before being slain by the never-ending red bombs!

Features of Go To Dot:

  • Interesting sound
  • Suitable for idle people
  • Easy to understand, simple gameplay

How to play

  • On the computer: Click your mouse to control the white ball jump to the inner circles.
  • On the phone: Swipe up to help the white ball jump to the inner circles.

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