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Gold Digger FRVR

About Gold Digger FRVR


Gold Digger FRVR is a digging arcade game. in this game, you have to control your Joe character to collect resources and treasures to earn money.

Control your character Joe using the arrow keys. Up and down arrow keys to go up and down. Use the left and right arrow keys to move sideways. You need to control your character underground to collect resources and treasures, especially gold and diamonds. You can collect them while digging the land one by one. Diamonds can be found anywhere on gold-filled earth. So don't overlook any areas that you can reach. Try to collect as many precious items as possible and sell them for money in the Mining Shop.

After you have money, you can upgrade equipment to mine gold more efficiently. In particular, you can go to the Mining shop to buy useful items such as hats, tools and explosives. These items will help you a lot in the mining process.

Note that you can push 3 stones together and wait for them to automatically explode and create a path for you. There are many types of soil and you need a different number of digging times to destroy them. Dark brown soils will only take one time to dig while light brown soils will require you to dig twice. The stones are the most labour intensive as you have to dig 400 times to break one. Therefore, you should move in a different direction if you encounter rocks or use explosives.

Features of Gold Digger FRVR

  • Collect as many golds as possible
  • Buy new items and upgrade your character
  • Easy controls

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move.

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