About Gold Miner


Gold Miner is the most exciting gold mining game. Use the treasure zipper on the trolley, avoid the obstacles and become a billionaire. Hurry up and have money.

When playing the game you will have a short time to collect treasures in the ground. The treasure can be gold, diamonds, junk, etc you can spread what you have to rely on luck and skill. Make sure you collect as much gold and gems as possible in a short amount of time.

But one thing you need to keep in mind is that the treasure is carried away by big mice. Try to get the gold quickly before the mice take it away. you can aim and drag the mouse up to be able to handle. But be careful with miner moles, they will try to crawl on your zipper and jump into the car and eat all your diamonds. In such a case you just need to cut the zipper away.
Like many other games, the higher the level, the more careful you have to be because it will be more difficult.

Tips: Remember that when you meet a mole, you have to cut the zipper quickly, pay attention to pull the gold up quickly. and the game is timed through each level.

How to play

Click and drag the rope to drag the gold. You just need to pay attention to the time to get the gold quickly, otherwise the time will run out, pay attention to the mice and avoid dragging the obstacles.

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