About Gold Seeker


Gold Seeker is a gold-digging game that increases your wealth. Grab your zipper, gear, and get ready to explore the western lands and collect treasures.

In the gold hunter game, you will understand why the gold diggers are so rich. You will play the role of a poor miner stealing gold in the Wild West, you sit on a trolley, using an iron zipper to pull the gold up. Just like many other gold mining games, you will have the ability to dig obstacles.

On the ground there are also many other items such as coal, you have to try to get as much as possible to sell for money. Gold is usually deep in the ground, zippers are short. You have to figure out how to get all the gold deep in the ground before time runs out. usually, deep in the ground, there are also more fossils or mines, you have to control the zipper carefully or you will lose.

In this game, your main task is to get gold so don't be greedy to get a lot of stones near you, if you don't get any gold you will also be a loser. When you get the gold, you sell it for money and add stars when passing each level, you can use stars to exchange for items to help you through the following games.

Tips: you should control the trolley and the track straight with the gold you want to get, so when you get the gold, there will be no shortage of wires. And try to get as much as quickly as possible or time will run out.

Feature of Gold Seeker:

  • Suitable for everyone and every time
  • Nice quality, catchy sound
  • Simple and fun gameplay

Gold Seeker with beautiful images that will make you fall in love. What are you waiting for without playing now to experience the feeling of digging for gold and selling for money?


How to play

Use the mouse pointer to move the trolley and the rail, the iron wire will swing around. When you aim the iron wire towards the place you want to take it, click the mouse, the wire will drop down and pull the gold up.


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