About Gold Truck Crane


Gold Truck Crane is a classic gold mining game. Collect gold to get rich. Pick up gold, reach the required amount before time runs out and you pass the level.

Your mission:

The player will control a crane truck to pick up valuable objects worldwide. As long as you have enough time, you can pick up anything that you want from any location. Of course, if you don't need to hurry then it’s better to take your time and use more strategy when picking up gold. If you meet different challenges at different locations, sometimes you'll need to wait for things like weather or water level before continuing in order to get past them as well.

The task seems simple enough, but there are a few challenges along the way. The larger bricks limit the size of the load that can be lifted, and there are ramps and curves in the way. It is also essential to control both ends of the winch rope lest it snaps as it's pulled taut or else risk breaking and dropping everything you have just secured within your grasp.

This game also has to go from easy to difficult levels. This is what the levels are for. The player has to do everything the game asks of them. They have to stay on their toes and keep trying until they get it right!

Tips: Try to get big pieces of gold, and pull up as fast as possible.

How to play

Drop the rope from the crane, the rope will automatically swing around. Or look at the things you want to pick up, wait for the rope to shake there, then you will click and drag them up. But each level will have a time limit for you to get gold and it will decrease gradually.


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