About Graffiti Time


Graffiti Time is a fun game about colorful creativity. Escape from the police and create your own colorful streets with rainbow paint cans.

Mr. Fat Cap has decided to travel the world with his lovely graffiti! Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure in Graffiti Time, in which you must leap, avoid police patrols, and paint with rainbow spray paint and color full? Graffiti on walls is a popular trend in your city, and cops are constantly looking for skilled sprayers like you. Allow us to bring the street to a life with your own personality. Fly with the pressure from the paint pots and draw in virtually unreachable locations of the game as you paint in automobiles, walls, and so on, Drawing while avoiding the police quickly, it's dramatic, isn't it? Making the streets appear spectacular, and bright because of your art and get away swiftly on your skateboard while performing acrobatic gymnastics to gain additional money on the road. Have you been inspired by art and are you ready to start drawing?

How to play

Use the arrow buttons or the AWSD keys to move and when you reach the desired place press Enter to draw. Look out for additional guidance icons along the way.

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