About Granny


Granny is a horror game in a closed room. You are being kidnapped so you have to quickly get rid of Granny who will find and kill you.

To get out of the horror arcade game, you must maneuver through Granny's squeaky chambers and poorly lit passageways. Granny hears you go quietly because she has keen hearing. She will thus rush over as soon as she hears you making a fuss. You'll lose a day every time Granny or one of her traps catches you, and you'll awaken in bed the next evening. You only have five days to go out, so keep that in mind! Make noise as you move from one room to the next. Granny can hear you above the commotion. When you need to get her attention, use this strategy. She can locate the source of any sound and has a keen sense of detail, but she lacks intelligence and is easily duped. Look around the house for the things you need to defeat Granny. You cannot anticipate where any specific object will be since the items are first scattered randomly. This might be achieved by throwing things on various shelves, cupboards, desks, tables, and soft furnishings. Be mindful of the creaking floors and shut up. The rooms may then be navigated considerably more quietly greater than Granny, run. You can also block her by shutting doors that are in her way. They will come across a number of other mysteries that Granny keeps a secret behind closed doors. Her favorite spider, which is kept in a cage at the top of the house, becomes a secondary antagonist or Granny's victim.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Sandy Balls, Mr.Miner, Adventure Miner, and Mole Heist.

How to play

Control the mouse and move your character in the lightest and fastest way possible to escape.

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