About Halloween Memory


Halloween Memory is a fun memory game about Halloween cards. Remember the positions, choose the same cards and remove them in the fastest time possible.

Your task is to remove all the cards that are face-up Halloween on the screen. To do that, you have to turn over the same cards. If they don't match, they are promptly flipped back, and you must pick a new pair. On each card, there are cards with many pictures of pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, etc, which are very suitable for the approaching Halloween atmosphere. But because it is so engaging, you will be easily distracted and remembering the lesson more difficult. You flip all the cards until there are no more on the screen, then you win. At each level, you can only play for a short time, and of course, the faster you flip all the cards, the more points you get. When playing you have to be very focused and attentive because the number of cards is increasing day by day, so you can't just flip it around.

How to play

Or use the mouse and click on the cards that you want to flip, if you flip, you have eliminated two cards on the table, continue like this until you remove all cards.

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