About Hero Tower Wars


Hero Tower Wars is a fun game about the journey to rescue the princess in the castle. You will fight enemies and build more towers for yourself.

Are you prepared to play the prince and save the princess like in the fairy tales you used to read as a child? In the war of heroes, gather your heroes and assemble a formidable hero team to slay your opponents who are capturing the princess in the castle. You earn another tower every time you defeat an opponent force. In the difficult arena, you will encounter a slew of challenges. Overcome obstacles, fight dangerous opponents, discover techniques to deal with terrifying creatures, and save the princess together. Following each battle, you will collect coins, weapons, priceless jewels, etc, especially when you have a tower of your own. It's a one-of-a-kind combination of arcade, combat tactics, and puzzle games. The game will definitely bring you interesting and unique experiences.

How to play

Pay attention to your strength stat bar and direct your character to the tower floors with weaker guards to collect their power to help you get stronger and fight stronger soldiers , otherwise you will lose.

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