About Horror Nights Story


Horror Nights Story is an exciting adventure game. You are locked in a dark cellar for five nights with a bunch of scary monsters and find a way to escape.

You are an adventurer, and unfortunately, you are locked in a scary cellar for 5 days. What awaits you are dangerous monsters, ghosts, and bats. They will catch you and eat you and of course, you will lose. Your mission is to get out safely without encountering those monsters.

During these 5 days, you are only equipped with axes to dig out of the earth, one more bomb per night, and sometimes you will find additional oxygen generators. Those are the few items that help you survive to get out. You are alone through these fears, the dark nights of your life.

You must get to the end of the tunnel and get out as soon as possible or you will be eaten alive. Dig quickly and prepare to face the monsters in the small tunnels. They will hide and jump on you at any time. Dig the ground and make a small path to plant bombs, kill monsters and get out.

Tips: You should carefully observe the tunnels with monsters in them before digging or you will be eaten by them. When placing bombs, you should also choose carefully where to place them because you only have one bomb per night.

How to play

Click and click to move. In Horror Nights Story there will be interface buttons and instructions to help you out of danger. Left click to drop bombs, dig the ground, scout for monsters, etc. Defeat all waves of monsters and keep your threat level low through all five nights.

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