About HyperDoll


HyperDoll is a unique game about stickman superheroes. With a sword and super dangerous obstacles, help our hero overcome and defeat all enemies.

Do you enjoy the intense and fierce battles you are the main character in? At HyperDoll, anticipate tough combat. You play as a stickman and must strike your opponents to death. To vanquish the opponents, you must use the superhero's sword. Or take the initiative to attack the enemy before they are even unnoticed to increase the possibility of victory. In this dangerous game, take the time to observe and figure out how to fight until he or she runs out of blood. You win the level, but don't get too excited since your opponent will become stronger and more difficult to strike in the subsequent level. As a result, you must use your one-of-a-kind skills. Use your own abilities to protect yourself, such as forming sword walls around yourself. You may make yourself invincible by creating a wall of swords around you, making your opponent fearful and uneasy. You can also use your points to improve and purchase new equipment. Let us dive directly into the HyperDoll war to compete and become heroes.

How to play

Hold the mouse and move the stickman hero closer to the opponent and click the mouse to beat the opponent to death and become a superhero.

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