About Idle Gold Mine


Idle Gold Mine is a fun collecting game. There is gold everywhere, put in the bank to be sold in order to avoid robbers and develop a strong gold mine.

In this game, you will control a fleet of trucks. Your task is to let the truck go to the gold mine, and get the gold out. Of course, when we take out the gold, we will go straight to the bank to sell it for money. sell for as much money as possible, the richer you will be.

In the first games, you only have a few boxes of goods, and of course, when you are rich you will upgrade more vehicles. The more cars, the more gold you get. But as the level goes higher and higher, you will be in trouble again. Gold theft is a prime example. buy more workers to look after gold mines, buy more protective fences,... The main thing is that you have to get as much gold as possible. you will be rich, you will have it all and you will win. How to be the richest miner, a lot of gold, a long gold train, and protect your gold mine from thieves. Unlock the levels gradually, until the end of the last level, then celebrate the victory.

Tips: Be very attentive to your gold car thieves, they will steal very quickly. If you have money, buy more train cars, you will get a lot of gold in one go to the mine.

How to play

In the early games, you will just have to watch the train to get gold from the mine and sell it. In the following games, when you have a lot of money and then unlock the level, you will experience gold mining and become a millionaire by clicking the mouse. Move left and right then buy items and get items.


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