About Impostor


Impostor is a fun puzzle game to find impostors. In a spaceship, you are looking for infiltrators who are harming the ship and killing everyone.

A spaceship's crew is fighting for survival as it journeys into infinite space. They must be cautious since there is an impostor among them. They must maintain defensive and offensive postures at all times, particularly while alone with another person, even if that other person is not the imposter. The Impostor aims to kill everyone, He is willing to do anything even destroy the ship so that die together. He is clever and devious. He may be lurking in the shadows, waiting for his prey, or he could leap from a ventilation shaft and attack from behind. A surprise attack from behind that makes everyone feel insecure and nervous is what he does best. Unless he commits a mistake, he is difficult to identify among the crew members. You wouldn't do anything like that, Impostor? Many players like playing as the impostor, however, the roles are given at random, and in a group of people in the spaceship, there is only one impostor. As a result, there's high chance you become becoming a Crewmate has become increasingly frequent. You'll need to pay great attention to each individual, figure out who the impostor is, and even defend yourself from attack.

How to play

When playing on the computer, when you want to move the character, press the arrow keys or the AWSD keys. If you play on your phone, you need to use your finger to slide and move on the screen to be able to control and start acting.

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