About iScribble.IO


iScribble.IO  is an exciting land competitive drawing game that you can't afford to miss. Draw freely, create your own vast land and eliminate opponents.

In the game, you will be a baby box with a long tail. Being very small, so you often use your creativity and interest in painting to create your own lands. Wherever you can draw, it is your own land. A small land has a lot of opponents, you will have to participate in the war for land, eliminate them, be the last survivor and win.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a name and favorite color for your character or the game will automatically give you any color. Move and draw as you like to create your own land. You must create closed circles to be counted as your land. Make the circles as large as possible.

To be like that, you have to go fight for the opponent's land and eliminate them. You see the opponents who have not created a closed circle, stab them in the tail and they will die. But also be careful. When you have not created a closed circle, the opponent will also stab you, and you will lose.

On the game screen there will be a small map in the corner, look at it to see how large your land is and, where the opponent is to avoid and find another drawing or attack. In particular, there is also a leaderboard to help you see the rank and ability of yourself and your opponent. The game with light and interesting gameplay but equally competitive with attractive colors and images will definitely bring you moments of light entertainment after but studying is stressful. 

Tips: Pay attention to the map and the opponent, when you get close to you, quickly draw your closed circle, then attack.

How to play

The game is completely free and can be played on phones and computers. When playing on your phone, you just need to use your hand to swipe and draw as you want. On the computer it is similar, just move the mouse and you have created your own land. Draw big, live last, and win.

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