About Jewel Halloween


Jewel Halloween is a fun game, what's dramatic in Halloween is recreated. Skulls, bones, pumpkins, etc you need to remove it.

It's becoming weirder and weirder! Jewel Halloween has 300 levels of challenges based on the occasion! To clear the tiles with designs like pumpkins, candies, skulls, or candied apples, match three or more of them. Depending on your level, you can only do a certain number of specific moves. You will also be required to perform other tasks, such as cleaning cakes by matching three motifs on the line that corresponds to them. Gain unique tokens like the gumball machine, which contains a variety of colored candies and functions as a color joker. Longer cluster chains may potentially result in an additional row or column breakers.

There are more than a hundred levels in this game, each with a number of levels through which you may advance in rank. Even while the levels get tougher, we can guarantee that they also get more fun. You must exchange candy, skulls, and other jewels in order to create a row of at least three similar items that snaps when the gems are shaped like Halloween decorations such as monsters, skulls, and candy. You get points for doing this, of course. Each level has objectives for objects to switch out and delete, and you only have so many moves available to do it. You lose if you exhaust your moves before completing the level. success and enjoyment.

How to play

Or use the mouse and move rows of cells into a straight line

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