About Laser Cannon 2


Laser Cannon 2 is a horror-fighting game with invading evil soldiers. Pick up your laser gun and fight to be the hero saves people to regain life.

You'll experience completely various emotions when playing "Laser Cannon 2". The entire army is en route to Earth, and the world is preparing for annihilation. Take control of the laser gun and fire to kill enemy soldiers. Let's invent concealment, sneak attacks, and surveillance. The laser gun has advanced to the point that it is now mobile and can shoot a single, incredibly powerful charge that can completely destroy a wall. To efficiently kill your victim, use exploding barrels, ricocheting shots, or other practical methods. Pull the hidden lever, calculate the beam's refraction on the mirrored surface, and then blast to release the monsters from concealment. Think of ways to fight and use methods to target the enemy's weak points because the evil warriors will become harder to defeat as you move through the stages. To maximize your star total in Laser Cannon 2, try to finish the mission as quickly as you can.

How to play

Use the mouse and AWSD keys to control and shoot enemies.

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