About Lava And Aqua


Lava And Aqua is a fascinating arcade game based on the puzzle game. Complete all levels by guiding a circle to reach the exit and avoiding dangerous lave.

Guide your circular character using arrow keys or WASD. Control the character to avoid touching the lava and proceed to the exit to move on to the next level. The purple exit sometimes needs you to activate by collecting purple orbs. Move safely to this purple wing.

The game has many levels and each level has its own map. On each map, you will see the appearance of lava, aqua and square blocks. You can move square blocks to prevent the spread of lava and aqua. lava and aqua will spread after each move. Therefore, you need to think carefully before taking action. You will die if you touch the lava. If you touch aqua, you're fine. Besides, when lava and aqua touch each other, they will stop spreading and form a blue wall. If you move into this contact area, you will also die.

Use your own tactics and show your intelligence. The game provides you with a great environment to entertain and improve your logical thinking. Let’s participate in the Lava and Aqua game to enjoy classic graphics, easy controls and attractive gameplay.

Features of Lava And Aqua

  • Classic graphics and easy controls
  • Exciting and attractive gameplay
  • Level up

How to play

  • Move: WASD or Arrow Keys 
  • Undo: Z or U 
  • Reset: R 
  • Back: Esc or B

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