About Master of Donuts


Master of Donuts is a fun confectionery game. Stack the cakes on top of each other and create beautiful cake stacks and become a master baker.

In the game, you are a baker, and the stacked cakes are confusing. Let's make each stack of cakes of the same color return to the original position. Let's arrange and feel the sweet taste of confectionery. Create as many cakes and quickly arrange them, score high on the leaderboard and become a master.

You will notice three stacks of cakes with different types of donuts. However, all of them are being put together. Now you have to reposition them so that each jar contains only one color. Similar to how you solve a puzzle, you must complete a specific number of moves to win. But the difficulty increases with each level then requires high thinking. The faster you rank up, the higher your score will be and your position will increase on the leaderboard.

Tips: you must think carefully before moving the cake, and push the less colored cakes to a separate stack first.

How to play

Left-click on the cakes you want to transfer. And click again on the place where you want to put the cake down. Let's create the same colorful cake stacks.

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