About Maze Discover


Maze Discover is an arcade and adventure game. You control a stickman to dig the land uncovering a maze. Find a way to collect gems and move to the next level.

Control your stickman character to dig the ground and find the place where the gem is located. Get the gem and go to the portal to advance to the next level. The game has many different levels for you to experience and explore. Are you ready to join this exciting game?

To control your character, you just need to use the arrow keys or slide your mouse to adjust the direction. Your character will automatically dig the ground in the direction you specify. It is easy to control. However, the game gives you the challenge of mazes. The mazes covered with rock are where you will dig. Therefore, while digging, you will hit walls and have to turn around to find a new path. This will cost you energy and time. However, it is the main attraction of the game. It helps you experience exciting adventures with mazes. You don't know if you're on the right track or not. It will bring a feeling of suspense and curiosity. Besides, you can experience the merchant with two modes: Speed ​​mode and Frenzy mode. When you choose these two modes, your character will become faster and stronger than ever.

Features of Maze Discover 

  • Various levels 
  • Easy controls
  • Collect gems to unlock levels

How to play

  • Use arrow keys or slide your mouse to control your character.

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