About Mr.Miner


Mr.Miner is an exciting arcade game. Come to this game to experience mining adventures with your character while collecting money and upgrading your machine.

Welcome to the world of mining precious items underground! In this game, you will control a cute character with an orange beard. You need to use the reel to fish underground resources like gold and fuel. Besides, you also come across cheap items like stones. The bigger the items, the more time it takes to mine, so you need to choose the right resources. Your reel needs the energy to function. If the energy runs out, you will end the level and replay that level. You can complete that level when the taskbar in the left corner of the screen is full. Try to mine as much as possible and earn as much money as you can.

Use your coins to upgrade reels and unlock worlds.

There are many worlds with different background themes. You can unlock and enjoy each planet. This game is a fun game to entertain in your free time. You can enjoy great graphics with many different backgrounds. You can also enjoy engaging gameplay and amazing effects. It is easy to control, so the game is suitable for all ages.

Features of Mr.Miner

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Easy controls and cool effects
  • Various planets with different themes

How to play

  • Mouse click.

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