About Oil Well Drilling


Oil Well Drilling is a fascinating arcade game in which you will control a drill to find and collect precious resources to earn money and upgrade your drill.

In this game, you will control a drilling machine to exploit underground resources, especially oil. You control the drill by using your mouse to pull the lever. While pulling the lever you need to pay attention to the temperature of the drill. If the drill gets too hot, it will explode. Therefore, you should drill slowly or rest while drilling to ensure the safety of this resource drilling trip. When you pull the lever, you should only pull it slowly to save energy. Energy resources are limited so you may have to purchase additional fuel. You can buy coolers and upgrade drills to get more power and drills to work faster.

There are many valuable resources underground and you need to control the drill to mine. Find all the resources and upgrade the drill. You have 8 levels to conquer. Let's start the game and earn as much money as you can!

Note that there are obstacles underground like rocks. It can slow down your drill and use up a lot of energy. A good tip for you is to pull the lever slowly to overcome obstacles easily and avoid consuming too much energy. Good luck!

Features of Oil Well Drilling

  • The idle arcade game
  • Upgrade your drill
  • Collect as many treasures as possible
  • 8 different levels

How to play

  • Use your mouse to click.

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