About Pacman 30th Anniversary


Pacman 30th Anniversary is a fun classic game with catchy sounds. You have to defend yourself in a huge maze with ghosts and get out safely.

You must select a hard difficulty level before the game even begins. If you are discovered, ghosts will kill you. For players to succeed, each level must be completed. The following spirits are ones you should watch out for:

  • Pinky: In the game, Pinky does nothing more than carry out Pac-commands for Man. A dangerous in-game strategy is used by Inky (light blue), who uses all ghost characters.
  • Although Blinky (red) enjoys chasing Pac-Man, he adapts his tactics while playing the game to move more quickly and at Pac-speed.
  • Pac-Man is approached by Clyde (orange), who appears from the box.

To begin the dispersion phase, he quickly changes course. With extreme caution, approach the maze's bottom left corner. Pacman must go across the screen from left to right while devouring everything on it to finish each stage. The next screen will thereafter be accessible to him. Players who are captured by ghosts will die because they could be dangerous. He will be returned to level 1 after using all of his life, where he can start over.

After completing all levels in this game, you can try playing other exciting games which are The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup, Elastic Man, Island Puzzle, and Crafty Miner.

How to play

Move or use arrow keys to move Pacman in the maze.

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