About Paper Flight


Paper Flight is an interesting paper airplane control game. Take this flight to enjoy the view and enjoy the speed until you reach the finish line.

In this game, your objective is to launch a paper airplane as far as you can, with a final destination of around 1000 meters (or yards), while simultaneously collecting as many achievements and improving the appearance of your plane. As it travels through several countries, continents, and towns, your airplane will pass over a range of landscapes. Look at the beautiful scenery and your dexterity and agility also will increase. Generally speaking, the more you want to fly quickly when the jet takes off, the more you'll enjoy the pace. First and foremost, try to cover the greatest distance to the destination since the journey is long and dangerous. Each round concludes with a scoreboard. Second, improve your plane's features. That score is used to enhance your paper fly and enjoy the greatest vacation possible. Finally, make use of the game's gift to fly and have the best trip. What are you waiting for, travel and enjoy this exciting trip right away?

How to play

Click the mouse evenly to let your plane move to the destination.

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