About Reach The Core


Reach The Core is a superb adventure game in which you need to control your drill to dig as deep as possible to collect resources and upgrade your drill.

Control your drill using the AD keys or the arrow keys. The drill will automatically move later underground and your task is to adjust the direction of the drill so that you can collect the loot. You can collect resources, fuel or secret gift boxes. Use them to earn income and upgrade drills. In particular, the energy box will help you recover energy to continue digging. Your drill needs to be upgraded to drill as later as possible. You can upgrade energy and speed. Besides, you can also unlock different drills.

This game is an endless game. You can dig until you run out of energy and then you can come back after you've had enough fuel. To be able to go deep, the only way is to upgrade the drill. Dig as far back as you can and even reach the core of the Earth to find an energy source.

The game has simple gameplay. Help the astronauts find enough energy and continue their journey in this exciting digging game. Let's start the game and experience it now!

Features of Reach The Core

  • Collect resources under the ground
  • Upgrade your drill
  • Easy controls

How to play

  • Use AD keys or left and right arrow keys to play.

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