About Red Ball


Red Ball is an exciting adventure game that tells the story of saving the ball kingdom. Our little red hero is facing danger, help him to fight the enemy.

A terrible disaster happened to the Kingdom of Balls on an overcast day. The square enemy from nowhere has begun an invasion of this kingdom, intending to capture and enslave every inhabitant. The main purpose of the gray square is to turn the balls into their people, all must turn into squares and obey them. But our red ball hero won't let that happen. This little hero is making his way to the enemy stronghold, and fierce battles will begin along the way. The small ball will face countless strong opponents and traps that always appear unexpectedly. You have to both avoid dangerous obstacles and hide from patrolling opponents. The missions are extremely difficult, but also very attractive. In the game there are many levels and each level will be a different battle. The more levels you pass and unlock, the closer you are to the enemy leader.

How to play

When playing on the phone, there will be arrow buttons on the screen, you just need to press them. When playing on the computer, use the arrow buttons on the keyboard to control the ball to avoid all obstacles.

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