About Save The Uncle


Save The Uncle is a game with exciting adventures. Your uncle is in a lot of trouble while exploring new places, get him out safely.

Your uncle enjoys exploring and having adventures, but when he sets out on a risky excursion, he becomes lost. Monsters and dangers are around! He can't go out by himself! Do all in your power to save your devoted uncle and get him to safety as he will be trapped between hundreds of terrifying huge spiders, monsters, and lethal traps. You must be extremely aware of your surroundings, remove the barriers in the proper sequence and at the proper time, and save his life from death! He is requesting your help! Could you help him get away? Try it. There are many thrilling situations awaiting your exploration! Pulling the pins causes characters to be moved and released, so take care to assist the Uncle in reaching his door without allowing the monsters or other threats to get too near; otherwise, you will lose.

How to play

Click, follow the instructions and use your calculations to find your way out of dangerous places.

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