About Slope 3


Slope 3 is an interesting obstacle course game. You will be a ball, running fast without stopping to reach the finish line. Let's see how far you can run.

In Slope 3 you have the task of controlling the ball to run back down the slope so that it does not get entangled in obstacles. You need to let the ball run and reach the finish line to win. But on this slope, there are countless difficulties that you have to overcome. The roads look bumpy, the turns are fast, and unexpected obstacles appear. Everything makes your ball puncture, you can't control and you lose.

On this slope, only the ball runs, and the further you go, the faster the ball runs. You can't stop, the ball goes downhill at a very fast speed and there is a chasm around. You can also fall into the cliff at any time without you noticing. With 3D graphics configuration and vivid sound, you will surely be surprised at the realism of the game.

Surely everyone thinks this game is easy to play, right? no, obstacles always appear next to you unexpectedly. If you do not pay attention, you can be hit or simply control the ball to lose control, the ball will hit the wall and lose. If you hold the ball for too long, it will also create a back reflection and cause the ball to jump back, fall into the cliff, and also die.

Tips: Try to let the ball run as far as possible, the more points you will get and the leaderboard name. Create your own record. Pay attention when you let the ball run, you must really focus to avoid foreign obstacles along the way.

How to play

You will use the arrow keys left to right to control the ball to move the ball as you want to avoid obstacles. Or you can also use the A/D button to change the direction of the ball. Try to keep the ball in the middle, go far and get a high score.

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