About Snake Game


Snake Game is a fun upgrade of the old snake game that has been associated with childhood. Let's go with your snake to fight for food and become strong.

You want to play games with lots of opponents to increase the appeal, You may now compete against gamers from all around the world in this unique game type thanks to an upgrade from the classic snake game. In order to find as much food as possible, everyone will first remain on the same playground and then scatter in various directions. Since they are extremely hungry, snakes need to eat in order to gain strength and protect themselves from other dangerous snakes. In this instance, the snakes have the right to bite the back and impede the opponent's head in order to eliminate them. Snakes' favorite food is juicy and attractive red apples. You have to swiftly gather apples for nourishment while defending yourself from danger everywhere. Your road will be filled with many obstacles. You need to pay close attention to the green water bottle. If you accidentally drink some of it, you shrink, it looks like a magic potion. You will also perish if you consume one of the deadly explosives, which have the appearance of red apples, carefully and avoid being fooled. If you engage in head-to-head combat with another snake and allow your head to make contact with its body, you will also lose the battle right away. Along the way, you will encounter countless other difficulties and obstacles, quickly play hands and challenge yourself.

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How to play

With the mouse, you just need to move to control your snake.

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