About Star Maze


Star Maze is a fun puzzle game with stars. For each level, you will have to get all the stars in a short time. Let's see how many puzzles you can solve.

As the name implies, this maze will only consist of stars within an enclosed wall. Your main mission is to escape this dangerous maze while collecting enough stars along the way. When you control the ball, it will leave a color trail behind. Don't be surprised, that's how you color this dull maze, and it's essential to complete the levels. In addition, you have to draw routes such that stars can be collected along the way. You will not be able to stop or change the direction of the ball while it is moving. It will only roll to the end of the path in the direction you control. The game has 100 levels, corresponding to 100 puzzles that you have to solve. For each level, you only have a short time to complete and exit or you will lose. An interesting game, both entertaining and brain-training with fun sounds and colors, hurry up and try your hand at this maze.

How to play

You just need to click and the ball will follow the path you directed to run straight to the end of the row. In the given time of each level, you just need to collect enough stars to escape this bizarre maze.

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