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Treasure Digging Adventure

About Treasure Digging Adventure


Treasure Digging Adventure is an addictive arcade game in which you can earn money by digging and guiding a ball to collect treasure under the ground.

In this game, you need to earn as much money as possible. To earn money, you have two ways: collect wood and collect treasure. On the ground, you can cut trees and sell wood for income. Your lumberjack will automatically cut down the tree so you don't need to control him. You just need to upgrade wood chopping to give more money from cutting trees, upgrade lumberjack number and offline earning. You will automatically get extra money even when you are not online. You can unlock new skins for lumberjack as well as unlock other items for cutting this tree.

Another way to earn money is to collect underground treasures. Your task is to dig the don't go to guide a ball down. Dig to the places where there are treasures to collect them. Note you need to avoid the balls if you don't want to end this trip immediately. Each time you dig you have a certain time, so dig as fast as you can to win the highest amount of money each time.

This game is an idle entertainment game for one person. You can join this game to enjoy the relaxing moments and do the task slowly. Wish you have a nice time!

Features of Treasure Digging Adventure

  • The exciting idle arcade game 
  • Singleplayer
  • Collect as much money as possible

How to play

  • Slide your mouse.

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